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Caminito del Rey

Main attraction of the province of Malaga

  1. most visited attraction in the province of Malaga
  2. future World Heritage Site
  3. breathtaking landscapes
  4. about 2 hours hike with normal shoes
  5. Entrance only from the north side, return with a shuttle bus
  6. Great Surroundings(3 reservoirs, Antequera, Dolmen, El Tocal)
  7. in combination with Antequera / Dolmen and / or El Torcal a great day trip

Directions to Caminito del Rey

From Malaga to Ardales
From Malaga, take the A-357 towards MA-5403. This track is 59.1 kilometers long and takes just over 50 minutes by car. From Pizarra you can also take the road to Álora and drive to El Chorro station on the A-343. This route is about 60 km longer and takes just over an hour.
From Antequera
From most points in Andalusia you should get to Antequera (usually via the A-92) and from here you can take two routes. The first trail leads from Campillos (A-384) to Los Pantanos de El Chorro (A-357 and MA-451) in the municipality of Ardales. This route is about 55 km long. And it takes about 54 minutes.
There is another route from Antequera to the valley of Abdalajís (A-343) and from there to El Chorro station (MA-4401). This route has narrower and shorter roads (about 34 km in 45 minutes).
From Ronda
You can also drive from Ronda, coming from the province of Cádiz (A-367), to the municipality of Ardales and then take the MA-5403. This route is about 60 km long and takes about an hour.
further information can be found here:

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opening hours

2nd January to 25th March 9.30 -15.00. Tuesday to Sunday.
26th March to 28th October: 9:30 to 17:00. Tuesday to Sunday.
29th October to 30th December: 9.30 -15.00. Tuesday to Sunday
closed: Mondays (depending on the holidays)
            24./25./31. December and 1 January.


The total distance of the Caminito del Rey is 7.7 kilometers long.
Children under 8 years are not allowed
Entrance only from the north side
Return by shuttle bus leaving every 30 minutes

{caminito del rey} {pictures}


The tickets for the Caminito del Rey cost 10 € per person + 3,50 € for the bus ride back to the starting point. The bus leaves every half hour.
Unfortunately, the tickes are always booked for months in advance. Tenants of our villas receive tickets from us at any time.
All other people can order the ticket via the following link:


A similar reservation model was used as for the Alhambra in Granada. 37% of the group travel tickets are offered by tour operators and another 37% by individual travelers from the area's approved ticket agencies. Furthermore, 16% of the total tickets are for educational, scientific and cultural trips as well as travel for official promotional purposes intended for the tourist destination Málaga. 10% of tickets are sold directly to private individuals and are sold through the reservation platform.